When we talk about home decor, the bathroom is one of those spaces that deserves all our attention. We start and end our day there, so it must be a highly functional space, but it should also be able to provide us with serenity, relaxation, and tranquility. To achieve this, decoration in general plays a vital role, and particularly, tiles have the power to create varied atmospheres and styles.

At Estudio Cerámico, as experts in small tiles, we are aware of the importance of choosing the right tiles for each project. That’s why, in this article, we will explore the various tile combinations for bathrooms that exist, diving into different and inspiring ideas to design the bathroom of your dreams.

Tiles for decorated bathrooms: why choose them

Among the numerous options of coverings available today, tiles stand out as a versatile and elegant choice, allowing us to innovate in style and functionality. Bathroom tiles are a great source of design and inspiration, capable of completely transforming the appearance and feel of a bathroom.

Below, we highlight the reasons why you should choose tiles to decorate your bathroom:

1. Durability and resistance.

Bathroom tiles will be your best ally in an area of the house that is used daily and constantly exposed to moisture. Unlike other wall covering materials, tiles ensure that your bathroom remains impeccable for many years.

2. Variety of styles and designs.

There are as many bathroom tiles as you can imagine, so their wide range of styles, colors, and designs make them a safe bet to give your bathroom the aesthetic you desire. Furthermore, the extensive possibilities of tile combinations for bathrooms will allow you to achieve that desired style.

3. Easy maintenance.

As a general rule, tiles are easy to clean and maintain, allowing us to have a clean and fresh environment without requiring too much effort.

4. Creation of any ambiance.

Tiles have the power to completely transform the appearance of a bathroom and create different atmospheres depending on the chosen style and design. From fresh and cheerful environments to more classic and sober ones, the possibilities of tile combinations are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

7 tile combination ideas for bathrooms

In connection with this last point, below we will break down different ideas for tile combinations for bathrooms, approaching different styles and showing the wide range of possibilities that this product offers us as both wall and/or floor covering.

1. A timeless classic: the combination of white and black tiles

If you’re looking for a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic, we recommend opting for the classic combination of white and black tiles, as it creates a combo that never goes out of style. Within this, the possibilities are endless, from choosing a mosaic scheme to a checkerboard pattern to add a vintage touch. Or, as seen in the photos with our Essentials collection, combining black herringbone tiles with a white wall or a black hexagon floor from the Borneo series contrasted with a freestanding white bathtub.

2. Earthy tones: kings of warm and inviting environments

If your style aligns more with Nordic design and you seek to convey warmth even in the bathroom, tiles in earthy tones are an excellent choice. Use them alone or combine them with white and wood to achieve a very cozy space. Our Terracotta piece from the Hackney collection is perfect for achieving this type of style.

Another option for combining tiles in earthy or neutral tones is to pair them with brighter colors to achieve a more striking and dazzling effect. For instance, our Saibashi collection, with its colorful sticks, allows for such mixes, maintaining the Scandinavian aesthetic while adding a touch of color that enhances personality.

3. Full color: tiles with vibrant colors

Do you love adding a touch of joy and vitality to your bathroom? Then dare to play with tiles in bright colors. At Estudio Cerámico, we advocate for color in many of our collections to bring power, freshness, and dynamism to spaces. Series such as Amazonia, Vermont, or Karatsu feature pieces with vibrant appearances, boasting ultra-bright colors for energetic and personality-filled spaces.

Shades of green and blue take center stage in these collections, perfectly suited for creating Mediterranean and colorful bathroom environments without sacrificing an aesthetic that promotes well-being. Additionally, their small size and the wide color palette of each of these collections allow us to apply different placement and color combinations, helping us bring dynamism to the bathroom and achieve the desired style.

4. Serenity and calmness: tiles in pastel tones

On the contrary, for those seeking to create an oasis of tranquility and serenity, tiles in pastel tones will be their best ally. Combine soft tones such as pale pink, sky blue, or aqua green among themselves or with white tones in a matte finish for a calming and relaxing effect.

For example, in this image, we see the same bathroom but with a different combination of tiles in two matte and pastel shades from our Chalky collection.

Alternatively, we can also opt for the combination of pastel-tone tiles with white tiles and the same color but slightly desaturated to achieve a contrast that also brings serenity and tranquility, as we see in this image featuring our Farrow tiles.

Baños combinación azulejos tono pastel con blanco

5. Join the hexagon trend

The fact that hexagon-shaped coverings and flooring are trending is undeniable. So why not apply them in the bathroom? Their wide variety of colors, styles, and designs allows them to adapt to any decor style. In addition to their versatility, hexagons enable the creation of very striking and unique patterns.

At Estudio Cerámico, we have two collections of hexagons: Borneo and Flamingo. Both collections combine plain bases with other decorated pieces to create very personal and stylish patterns and combinations.

6. Play with textures to add dynamism to the bathroom

Combining tiles in the bathroom with different textures allows us to bring dynamism and vitality to the space. Our new Glenbrook collection is undoubtedly perfect for achieving this while adding style. Its soft palette of six colors is perfect for mixing and matching, and its smooth base, along with its two decorative reliefs, allows for the creation of unique and special patterns.

Azulejos baño con textura

7. Hydraulic-inspired tiles for charming bathrooms

Hydraulic-inspired tiles have experienced a notable resurgence in the world of interior design, and it’s not hard to understand why. With their artisanal beauty and rich history, these tiles add a touch of charm and elegance to any space, especially the bathroom.

We advocate for these types of pieces as they combine tradition and innovation and are capable of distinguishing an interior design through the beautiful patterns they create. Saint Germain, Renaissance, Hamptons, or Antique are clear examples of our commitment to hydraulic tiles, and here we provide some inspiring images to achieve bathrooms with a unique tile combination.

In conclusion, tile combinations for bathrooms are endless and can be tailored to a wide variety of styles and personal preferences. At Estudio Cerámico, we’re here to help you find the perfect combination that will transform your bathroom into a unique and beautiful space.

Get inspired and make your dream bathroom a reality!