Frequently Asked Questions

Orders to Estudio Cerámico S.L. must always be made via email.
To place your order, we provide you with the following information:


Phone: +34 965 657 400
Address: Partida Rachina s/n. 12130 – San Juan de Moró, Castellón.

Our customer service lines will be available to assist you from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and on Fridays from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, except on holidays.

ATTENTION: Please note that 15 minutes before closing time, no orders will be processed.

For any inquiries about your order, the customer service telephone number is: 964 65 74 00.
In order to minimize errors and provide excellent service, the customer must specify the following information on the order form:

Name and address of the company placing the order.

Name of the person placing the order, as well as their position within the company.

Date (and time) the order was placed.

Customer’s contact phone number or email.

Customer’s order number.

Shipping address.

Billing address.

Product code and name, as listed in the Estudio Cerámico S.L. catalog.

Number of units requested per product.

Requested shipping or pickup date by the customer, as well as any details regarding urgency or maximum reception deadline.

Shipping method for the order:

– Transport management by the customer
– Transport management by Estudio Cerámico S.L. agency (urgent or traditional), terrestrial, aerial, or maritime.

The order will be prepared to be ready on the pickup or shipping date indicated by the customer on the order form. If there is any impediment to have the order fully or partially prepared on the requested date, Estudio Cerámico S.L must notify the customer in writing within 48 hours. If this communication is not received, the customer will understand that the order will be prepared on the requested date.

All orders with agency shipping received and confirmed before 5:00 p.m. at Estudio Cerámico S.L will be prepared the following day. The remaining orders will have a maximum of 48 hours between the order confirmation date and the pickup or shipping date requested by the customer.

Note: In order extensions, the customer must always confirm tone and caliber or refer to the original order.

The material pickup schedule will be from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

The shipment of the order can be carried out through different modalities:

– CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT: The customer collects the material using the transportation method they designate, under EX-WORKS conditions.

– MANAGEMENT BY Estudio Cerámico S.L.:

Estudio Cerámico S.L. will handle incidents that occur only if it has been responsible for managing such transportation, within the conditions outlined in our current transportation rate. Estudio Cerámico S.L. will be exempt from any direct or indirect responsibility arising from such incidents, with its liability limited to assuming the transportation costs of the new shipment.

In case of delay in the delivery of transportation services managed by Estudio Cerámico S.L., it will reimburse the transportation expenses of the order, in accordance with the refund policy of Estudio Cerámico S.L., and will not be responsible for any other damage or loss, direct or indirect, arising from the delay.

Only returns that have been previously authorized by Estudio Cerámico S.L will be accepted for material provided that:

1. No more than 30 days have elapsed since the delivery of the material.
2. The return is made within 30 days from when the customer has notified us in writing of their intention to return it.
3. The returned material is received at our headquarters in perfect condition.
4. The material is returned in complete boxes, never as loose pieces.
5. The transportation is assumed by the customer.
6. 80% of the value of the returned merchandise will be refunded.
7. No amount will be refunded if none of the above points are met.
8. Returns of canceled or discontinued material will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Errors in order management or preparation.

Estudio Cerámico S.L. will replace incorrectly supplied material, bearing only the costs incurred for the new transportation.

Invoice errors.

Claims for pricing or reference errors on invoices will be accepted provided there is physical evidence of the order and the claim is communicated in writing within the time frame and manner detailed below.

Quality incidents.

Any incidents related to the quality of the products supplied by DUNE must be communicated in writing to Estudio Cerámico S.L. The customer must sufficiently justify the defects attributable to Estudio Cerámico S.L. within 30 days of receiving the products and, in any case, before installing the material.

Incidents due to stock shortage.

Estudio Cerámico S.L. will not be responsible for the consequences of a stock shortage if it has been communicated to the customer. The communication will be made by email or other written means, within 48 hours of order confirmation, and must indicate an approximate delivery date. Failure to meet this approximate date will never be the cause of an incident.

These same conditions will apply to phased load orders, that is, in case of stock shortage, Estudio Cerámico S.L. must notify the customer, under the same conditions mentioned above, within 48 hours of the customer’s request for the load.

– All claims must be communicated in writing.

– Claims regarding delays in delivery, losses, or breakages that depend on the transportation service offered by Estudio Cerámico S.L. will only be accepted if reported in writing within 48 hours of receiving the material at the destination.

– Claims for invoice errors will not be accepted once the payment deadline has expired.

– Any credit issued due to an incident will not be refunded in cash but will be compensated in subsequent invoices. The credit will expire after 180 days from the date of issuance of the credit invoice.

Claims or returns will not be accepted once the material has been installed, and Estudio Cerámico S.L. will be exempt from any liability in this regard.


The customer must inform the Customer Service Department of Estudio Cerámico S.L. by email or any other written means of the cause of the incident. Once approved by Estudio Cerámico S.L., the incident will be assigned a reference called the Incident Authorization Number (IAN), which will be communicated to the customer. In the case of material returns, the customer will include the IAN along with the returned product.


– In cases of material returns due to issues attributable to our management, once the material is deposited in the warehouse of Estudio Cerámico S.L., the refund to the customer will be processed according to the deadlines and restrictions detailed above.

– In incidents caused by pricing errors on the invoice, the corresponding refund for that amount will be made once its acceptance has been communicated to the customer.

– Incidents related to transportation managed by Estudio Cerámico S.L. Depending on the cause, we can differentiate:
o Breakages: The customer should not return the broken pieces. The material will be resent at no cost.
o Delays: Only cases subject to the conditions described above will be accepted. The refund will be made for the transportation cost.
o Loss or confusion: Once this situation is verified and confirmed, Dune will be responsible for sending the correct material and retrieving the incorrect material, if any, at no charge to the customer.

The prices of Estudio Cerámico S.L. products will be listed in the SELLING PRICE list, and these prices DO NOT INCLUDE VAT.
Note: Only in the case of special rates with certain clients will these prevail in a timely manner.
The prices of transportation services managed by Estudio Cerámico S.L. will be set in an independent price list, taxes and fees not included.
Estudio Cerámico S.L. reserves the right to modify prices at any time if it deems it appropriate due to reasons beyond its control or market conditions.


Unless otherwise indicated by Estudio Cerámico S.L., the prices of products displayed on websites previously authorized in writing by Estudio Cerámico S.L. must always be the “RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE”. The list of suggested prices must be respected in each geographical area and on any particular day. All online platforms that publish or sell Dune products must inform about their composition, correct use, and application of our products, with Estudio Cerámico S.L. being exempt from any claims if they fail to do so.

The payment terms offered by Estudio Cerámico S.L. will be 30 days from the invoice date. The accepted payment method by Estudio Cerámico S.L. is: Bank transfer.

Estudio Cerámico S.L. works with credit insurance entities to cover the risk of non-payment by its customers. If any customer lacks credit insurance coverage granted by these entities, payment for the product must be made in all cases by Advance Payment, via bank transfer. In any case, the customer shall bear the costs incurred by Estudio Cerámico, S.L. resulting from the collection of overdue debts owed by the customer to Estudio Cerámico, S.L.

1. Estudio Cerámico S.L. guarantees all customers against any manufacturing defects in its products for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase. Please keep your purchase invoice.

2. The original invoice or proof of purchase (showing the purchase date and the distributor company’s name) must be sent to Estudio Cerámico S.L. Photographs of the defective product must also be provided to Estudio Cerámico. If additional photographs of the material are deemed necessary for our consideration of the claim, Estudio Cerámico may request them.

3. For a claim to be accepted, the installation and use of the product must have been carried out following the recommendations listed in the product datasheet and technical information on our website

4. If the requirements for applying the three-year warranty are met, Estudio Cerámico S.L. ‘s responsibility will be solely to supply the necessary material for replacement. Any other costs involved, such as installation costs, transportation, etc., may be charged to the customer.

5. The warranty does not apply when a defect has arisen from faulty installation, as Estudio Cerámico S.L. does not carry out or supervise such works.

6. Estudio Cerámico S.L. reserves the right not to provide this free warranty service if the requirements mentioned in the previous clauses are not met or if the information received from the user is false, incomplete, or illegible.