Estudio Cerámico presents seven new collections at Cersaie 2023 where naturalness, versatility, and freshness reign to create high-quality interior and exterior solutions with personality, harmony, and trending styles.

During the fair days, located in Hall 36, Stand C18-D19, the flooring and wall covering firm will introduce Karatsu, Waiheke, Maui, Roku, Glenbrook, Lombok, and Stone Park, the seven new collections that complete an extensive and diverse catalog of top-quality ceramic products.

These new collections are grouped into three distinct categories based on their characteristics. Firstly, Karatsu and Waiheke, two series with intense and deep tones, both made of porcelain, with a high gloss and high destonification. On the other hand, Maui, Roku, Glenbrook, and Lombok, are four fresh, calm, and versatile series. Lastly, the most natural choice with an innovative twist is Stone Peak, porcelain with a technical appearance available in three formats.

Innovations that surprise with their finishes and colours

Inspired by Japanese ceramics, Karatsu is a new series composed of a beautiful mosaic finger-style collection. It offers a harmonious balance of browns, grays, beiges, with hints of natural green and blue, the colors that make up the Wabi-Sabi chromatic palette.

Nueva colección CERSAIE

The 15×15 porcelain collection Waiheke transports us to the New Zealand island of the same name, known for its essence of the sea and volcanoes. The warmth of the elements of nature is presented with its Ocean and Turquoise colors, with the Amber, Emerald and Lava models evoking volcanoes and trees. All five are deep colours with a high destonification.

CERSAIE Duchas 2023

Continuing our journey through the Pacific islands, we land in Maui. This series evokes the typical colors of Hawaii, with the blue of the sea, the golden sand, the white foam of the waves, and the green of the trees. Available in two different finishes, glossy and matte, this series comes in six different and fresh colours.

Colección Cersaie

The Roku series reflects the aesthetics of Japan in a finger-type tile. This series combines seven distinctive colours with a silky matte finish inspired by Japanese botany (cherry blossoms, green tea, rice fields, and bamboo forests). These pieces add a touch of colour and vitality to any space.

novedades Cersaie Estudio Cerámico

The Glenbrook series, on the other hand, features a soft palette of six colours that bring versatility and purity to its three shapes. Its small format and smooth base make this collection a perfect choice for all types of spaces.

nueva colección cersaie 2023

Lombok transports us to the beach with its soft color palette and granulated sugar finish. Inspired by some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, this series comes in a 10×40 format and five colors: White, Champagne, Cotto, Greige, Light Green, and Turquoise.

Nueva colección Cersaie estudio cerámico 2023

Estudio Cerámico’s most natural proposal for Cersaie 2023 is Stone Peak

The beauty of slate stone, with its irregularities and imperfections, is reflected in this series, which includes ideal blue and green tones for pools and water areas. This porcelain series is available in three sizes and six different colors.