Kitchen Floors

When it comes to choosing a kitchen floor, the first thing you think about is that it shouldn’t get dirty easily. You might also look for flooring that is easy to maintain as cleaning is not an arduous task to carry out on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, when installing or changing the flooring in a kitchen, aesthetics are also taken into account. Therefore, the best kitchen floor should be durable, easy to clean, anti-slip, and, above all, beautiful. Following decoration trends is crucial for making a kitchen the centerpiece of any project.

What characteristics should a kitchen floor have?

When choosing the kitchen floor, there are certain aspects you should pay attention to in order to make the perfect choice:

  • Surface and square footage: the first step is to establish a budget and determine how many square feet your kitchen has so you can calculate the quantity of tiles you need.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: when selecting your kitchen floor, you should ensure that it’s easy to clean, and the passage of time doesn’t affect its appearance. Remember that the kitchen is a space that will likely get dirty due to the activities that take place there. Therefore, look for something resilient, of high quality, and easy to clean.
  • Anti-slip flooring: it’s important to have anti-slip flooring in the kitchen to ensure safety and prevent potential falls.
  • Durability: a kitchen floor should be resistant to impacts, scratches, foot traffic, stains, etc. The goal is to make it last over time, so you don’t have to replace it within a short period.
  • Style: last but not least, everyone wants their home decor to be beautiful. Therefore, the kitchen floor should match the overall style of the house. Don’t neglect the design aspect.
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Porcelain tiles are the best option

Taking all these previous aspects into account, ceramics are a perfect material for the kitchen flooring. Specifically, porcelain tiles are the key to making the kitchen floor look as good as new. They can be cleaned with water and mild soap, they are anti-slip and they withstand the test of time. Moreover, their designs set trends and create spaces known for their decorative character.

At Estudio Cerámico, we are professionals and experts in ceramics. Therefore, we design tiles tailored to meet the demands of the most demanding users. Every season, we work to offer you all the latest trends in the market and create tiles that set the standard.

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