What should a kitchen floor look like?

When choosing a floor for the kitchen, the first thing you think about is that it should not get dirty easily. You also tend to look for a floor that is easy to maintain and cleaning is not an arduous task to carry out on a day-to-day basis. In addition to this, when installing or changing a kitchen floor, aesthetics are also taken into account. Therefore, the best kitchen floor should be hard-wearing, easy to clean, non-slip and, above all, beautiful. Following decoration trends is essential to make a kitchen the epicentre of any project.

What characteristics should a kitchen floor have?

Therefore, when choosing a kitchen floor, there are certain aspects that you should pay attention to in order to make the perfect choice.

  • Surface area and number of metres: the first thing to do is to establish an average budget and find out how many metres your kitchen is so that you can calculate the number of tiles you need.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: when choosing the floor for your kitchen, you should make sure that it is easy to clean and that the passage of time does not affect the appearance of the floor. Don’t forget that the kitchen is a room that, a priori, is going to get stained due to the activity that takes place in it. Therefore, look for something resistant, of high quality and easy to clean.
  • Anti-slip: it is important to bear in mind that the kitchen floor must be anti-slip, so that the room is safe and avoids possible falls.
  • Resistance: a kitchen floor must be resistant to knocks, scratches, foot traffic, stains… The aim is for it to be resistant so that it lasts over time and you don’t have to change it in a short space of time.
  • Style: everyone wants their home to be beautifully decorated. Therefore, the kitchen floor should match the rest of the style of the house. Design should not be neglected.

Porcelain tiles, the best option

Therefore, and taking into account all of the above aspects, ceramic tiles are the perfect flooring material. Specifically, porcelain tiles are the key to making the kitchen floor look as good as the first day. They can be cleaned with water and neutral soap, they are non-slip, and they resist the passage of time. In addition, the designs are trend-setting and create rooms that stand out for their decorative character.

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