5 interior decoration trends for this autumn

With just a few days left until the arrival of autumn, we are focusing all our attention on decoration trends. In addition to taking into account the colour palette of this season, autumn invites us to redecorate the house. Changing tiles, painting walls or redesigning rooms are options to give a facelift to a home and welcome autumn with energy. Take note of the trends that reign this season.

  • Combining aesthetics and functionality

It is becoming increasingly clear that for a home to be functional it is not necessary to renounce design and vice versa. Decoration firms are therefore investing in the development of products that adapt to the needs of the most demanding users, but without sacrificing design in any way. For this reason, architecture and design professionals are committed to versatile elements that make everyday life easier. Furthermore, one aspect that is highly valued by users is the use of space and the storage capacity of a home.

As far as ceramics are concerned, it is essential to combine craftsmanship with the latest industrial technologies to create pieces that stand out for their design, quality and finish. Thanks to advances in the sector, ceramics can emulate the vast majority of materials and finishes used in interior architecture.

  • Boosting small spaces

The fact that a house is small is not a problem for it not to look trendy. Taking care of every last detail is key to making a space a perfect place. In this sense, interior designers are committed to the creation of small spaces within the rooms. A reading corner, a rest area or a beauty corner are options in which ceramics can be used to decorate these areas.

  • Reinventing everything classic

Everything old always comes back. And whoever has a classic piece of furniture has a jewel. Interior designers often use special pieces to give a decorative touch and this autumn the trend is no different. Choosing a piece of furniture, a painting, a lamp or some curtains can be the best choice to decorate with a nod to all things classic.

As for tiles, hydraulic designs are the best example of the fact that the traditional does not go out of fashion. Series such as Antique are perfect for decorating interiors without losing the essence of the classic. The reinvention of patterns with geometric designs is the key for this type of tiles to fit in perfectly with current trends.

  • Importance to the kitchen and bathroom

If the living room or bedroom used to be the main focus of attention in a home, the latest decoration tips give more importance to the kitchen and bathroom. These rooms are no longer merely functional spaces but have become a benchmark in design. From the flooring or cladding, to the furniture or electrical appliances, everything influences the creation of a trendy project.

So, as far as ceramics are concerned, hexagonal tiles, such as those in the Borneo series, are a good option to elevate rooms. If you want the latest in decoration, you can’t miss this type of format on floors or walls.

  • Opt for craftsmanship

It goes without saying that handcrafted decorative products favour the design of modern spaces. Putting craftsmanship in value is one of the strong points of interior decoration. Craftsmanship stands out for creating unique and, in a way, exclusive pieces.

The Hackney, Ghent or Amazonia series have a finish that emulates handmade design. Their irregular finish and the de-toning between pieces make these tiles very suitable for projects that combine avant-garde and tradition.