ESTUDIO CERAMICO switches to photovoltaic self-consumption with Quantum Group.

The Spanish firm Estudio Cerámico, reference of the ceramic sector, in the manufacture of single firing small format, decoration and special pieces, joins the energy transition through the incorporation of a new photovoltaic installation. Together with Grupo Quantum, the ceramic company will start to generate its own electrical energy by installing 1,314 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of its headquarters in San Juan de Moró, in the province of Castellón, capable of producing a power of 591.3 kWp of clean energy

The move to photovoltaic self-consumption by Estudio Cerámico will allow a saving of more than one million euros in its energy costs over the next 25 years.

Commitment and competitiveness go hand in hand

The positive effect of the installation will have a positive impact on the cost of the electricity bill for Estudio Cerámico and will allow the ceramic company to reduce its impact on the environment, significantly reducing the indicators associated with the carbon footprint of its activity.

In the next 25 years, Estudio Cerámico will stop emitting 7,219 Tn of CO2 into the atmosphere: which translates into an effect equal to planting 427,749 M2 of forest mass, in that time.

In the words of the Estudio Cerámico CEO, “for our company this new step represents a firm commitment to our environment, guaranteeing sustainability by introducing an immediate environmental improvement, whose economic impact will benefit us in the long term.”

For Víctor Gaceta, delegate of the Quantum Group in the Valencian Community, “photovoltaic self-consumption represents a lever for creating wealth for the Ceramics industry and the entire cluster around it. Being aware of our resources is the first step to take advantage of them; solar energy can revolutionize the production costs of any company. The directors of Estudio Cerámico have shown that they have the vision to maintain a leadership position in the coming years ”.

The Valencian Community, in the midst of a solar boom

The report recently published by Universitat de Valencia “The Energy Transformation of the Valencian Community: Lessons from International Experience”http://( that photovoltaic solar energy will live more than significant growth in this decade in the Valencian Community with installed power increase forecasts of 1,548% compared to its current level.

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